several icons

Design an icon that suggests a quality or fact, an image that symbolizes the activity that it represents.  The icon/symbol you create should be independent of time, simple and so coherent in its composition, that no part of it may be removed without diluting the message.

Main focus should be on a strong, concise and concrete visual statement.


Stage one: creation of the icon (1a)

hand icon

• Choose, mostly from your memory, an object by comparing it to a symbol, cliché and archetype (prototype).

• Sketch the first ideas without the use of a template or ruler to initially construct these thumbnails.  Make 50 multiple fast versions.

• The goal is to create the greatest possible simplification of form, unquestionable recognition that utilizes strong form/counter form relationships.

• The icon you construct should not use any stylistic elements that distract from the intended message.

• Compare the versions before focusing on just one. Make slight modifications to solidify the symbol.

• From your sketches six icons will be delevoped into a 3” x 3” icon using rulers and sharpies. One will be chosen to be your final icon.

• Clean-up your final chosen icon to a finalized form using appropriate art tools.  Use a 5” x 5” format for this final stage.

• Compile a list of associative terms that relate to the object that you have chosen to utilize.  Then, develop 3 categories (verbs, adjectives and nouns).  Fill each category with a miniuem of three terms from your list.

• Place your 5” icon on a 6” x 6” white field.

– This icon that you build will become the basis for future exploration that will extend the icon’s initial focus and meaning.