Stage 2

Now that you have developed and refined the icon for stage 1, deconstruct and

transform the visual qualities of the form to make a more dynamic and thought

provoking statement.

2a.  Deconstruct the icon as related to the function/meaning of the image.

2b.  Deconstruct the icon as related to a chance operation.

2c.  Change the form, if curvilinear to a rectilinear form, or vice-versa.

2d.  Transform part of the form: distortion, scale,change, inversion, etc.

2e.  Crop the form to it’s maximum limit, but still maintain its visual recognition.

2f.  Create repetition by use of ornamental pattern.  No icon should overlap the next, but organize it so it is logical and predictable.

• You need to develop four solutions for each stage and than pick one

• Maintain the format of  5” icon on a 6” x 6” white field