Photographic Alphabet


What interesting and unique alphabet can you capture using your eye and your camera?  This project ask you to observe your environment in search of objects which can be seen or interpreted as letterforms.


– all letterforms should fall under one all-encompassing concept, i.e. architecture, nature, etc.

– you must photography the entire alphabet from A-Z and numbers 0-9.  This can be done in all caps, all lowercase or a mixture of both.

– for presentation purposes, photos must be either all vertical or horizontal.

– NO handrawn/created letters or photos of other types of printed lettering, i.e. signs, billboards,banners, etc.

– your performance will be judged on creativity, originality and quality of photograph.

– once you have taken all pictures, renumber the files.  01 should be A, 02 B,  and so on, 35 will #9 and 36 #0.  You will set up the in Photoshop using provided instructions:  In Photoshop, click FILE | AUTOMATE | CONTACT SHEET 2.  Choose the folder which contains your renumbered photographs.  Final size will be 10” x 16”, or vise versa, depending on vertical or horizontal photos.  Resolution 300, RGB color.   Rows and columns 6 x 6.  Manually rotate, move, crop photos as needed. In photoshop type out your name at the bottom in 12 point type.

– save your file as a PDF, put your name in the file and upload it to the google drive under : PRINTING FILES | ALPHABET.