Welcome to Computers in Art & Design



Explore how the computer has been integrated into the image-making processes by incorporating traditional art processes such as drawing and markers with modern Graphic Design software. Learn how professional artists, designers and illustrators utilize the power of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other software to create digital artwork and enhance images to create digital graphics such as maps, posters and postcards. The basic features of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator will be explored through tutorials and original artwork will be produced when techniques are mastered. By the end of the course, students will have a digital and print portfolio consisting of several projects. Students will also utilize digital cameras, scanners and output to laser/inkjet printers. Quad-Core Intel Macintosh computers (the industry standard platform) power this exploration into the realm of digital imagery.


Meeting Times

Class is Monday through Friday 9 AM to Noon and 1:15PM to 4PM, Saturday from 9AM to  Noon. You may not enter class until 5 minutes before class starts, make sure you arrive on time.



During class you should not be looking at any e-mail accounts, Facebook, my space, etc; while we are working on projects.



This is a large class sure make sure you put name on your supplies/handouts I give you. I will be giving you a folder to put all of your handouts together.



Do not roll your chairs from one side to the other of the classroom.




We you are working on projects you can list to music but you must use your headphones so not to disrupt the other students.



NO food or drinks should be near any of the computers!


Homework/Class work

You will be giving homework assignments that will be needed to be complete by the next class period. You will have project to work on a daily basis. By not completing all the work you can receive a Dock.



You can leave your supplies at your computer for lunch and study hall. But after study hall is done in the evening all of your supplies must be picked up and taken back to the residence halls.


Connect to google Drive

Please follow this link to get project & homework files, class presentations and where you will upload your files for printing.



To login in, type in your user name and password on the login in window. If that does not work this user name: admin and password: M4ch1n3


Ask Questions

If things are moving to fast or your getting lost raise your hand to ask for help.